Heartland Podcast

Heartland Podcast: Mette Sillesen & Sadie Lune

January 3, 2018

This episode of Heartland Podcast features futurist Mette Sillesen and pleasure activist Sadie Lune. Journalist Moussa Mchangama moderated the talk. It is a live conversation that took place during Heartland Festival 2017. Amongst other things, they discuss what sex will be like in the future - for instance new forms of dating, news forms of commercialising sex and new inventions such as virtual blowjobs. They debate questions like; how does it affect our level of empathy that we no longer have to be in the same room the have sex and what does it mean that sex is not necessarily something you have with a human being. Read more about Heartland at www.heartlandfestival.dk.