Heartland Podcast: Olafur Eliasson & Joshua Oppenheimer

February 13, 2018

The seventh TALK in Heartland Podcast is a live conversation that took place at Heartland in 2017. It's called On Art and Responsibility.

The conversation is between the renowed Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson and the Academy Award nominated documentarist Joshua Oppenheimer.

The talk is about how art can raise awareness of political and cultural issues and whether or not this is the artists' responsibility.

The talk is moderated by Danish film director and consultant at the Danish Film Institute Mikkel Munch-Fals.




Heartland Podcast: Aubrey de Grey

January 31, 2018

The sixth TALK in Heartland Podcast is a FUTURE TALK and interview from Heartland 2017 and it's about age research.


The British biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey is one of the most spectacular futurists in the world. He is known for his view that medical technology will enable human beings to live almost indefinitely. In this talk he gives insights into what age is; what happens to the body when we age? And what can we do about stopping the aging process? In continuation of these questions Aubrey de Grey seeks to give the audience answers to why it is important to research age and especially age related disease. The talk is followed by an interview by Claus Kjeldsen who is a futurist and CEO of Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.


In the interview Grey talks about the lack of funding on age related disease and why it is essential that age research gain more attention. He also explains how we can benefit from the age research and therapy that already exists.


Future talks 2017 was made in collaboration with SCENARIO magazine and was supported by Novo Nordisk Foundation.


Heartland Podcast: Carsten Jensen & Tobias Lindholm

January 16, 2018

This episode of Heartland Podcast is in Danish.

Femte TALK i Heartland Podcast er en samtale fra Heartland 2016, og den handler om 'det gode'. 

Den ene deltager er den prisvindende danske forfatter og debattør Carsten Jensen, og den anden er den succesfulde danske manuskriptforfatter og filminstruktør Tobias Lindholm. Begge kunstnere har beskæftiget sig med Danmarks krigsindsats i Afghanistan - Carsten Jensen i avisspalterne, romanen Den første sten fra 2015 og reportagebogen Krigen der aldrig ender fra 2016 og Tobias Lindholm i sin Oscar-nominerede film Krigen fra 2015, der er fortællingen om en dansk soldat, der anklages for en krigsforbrydelse. Samtalen modereres af journalist og særlig rådgiver Jakob Sheikh.

De taler om nuancerne i begreberne godt og ondt, og de diskuterer om det onde altid er en forudsætning for det gode. I løbet af samtalen undersøger de også, hvordan godhed tager sig ud i kontekst af krig, og de reflekterer over, hvordan humanistens idealisme knægtes i mødet med det brutalt onde.


Heartland Podcast: Mette Sillesen & Sadie Lune

January 3, 2018

This episode of Heartland Podcast features futurist Mette Sillesen and pleasure activist Sadie Lune. Journalist Moussa Mchangama moderated the talk. It is a live conversation that took place during Heartland Festival 2017. Amongst other things, they discuss what sex will be like in the future - for instance new forms of dating, news forms of commercialising sex and new inventions such as virtual blowjobs. They debate questions like; how does it affect our level of empathy that we no longer have to be in the same room the have sex and what does it mean that sex is not necessarily something you have with a human being. Read more about Heartland at www.heartlandfestival.dk.


Heartland Podcast: Elisa Kragerup & Thure Lindhardt

December 19, 2017

This episode of Heartland Podcast is in Danish.

Tredje TALK i Heartland Podcast er en samtale fra Heartland 2017, og den handler om kærlighed. Den ene deltager er skuespiller Thure Lindhardt, der fik sit gennembrud i filmen Nordkraft fra 2005, og siden da har nydt stor succes i både ind- og udland. Den anden deltager er den danske teaterinstruktør og tiltrædende teaterdirektør Elisa Kragerup, der på baggrund af sine mange skuespil har modtaget fire Reumertpriser og Kronprinsparrets Kulturpris. Samtalen modereres af journalist og tv-vært Gertrud Højlund. Læs mere på www.heartlandfestival.dk



Heartland Podcast: Brian Eno & Bjarke Ingels

December 6, 2017

This episode of Heartland Podcast features music producer and innovator Brian Eno & architect and creative visionary Bjarke Ingels. It is a live talk that took place during Heartland Festival in 2016 and is about human creativity. Amongst other things, the conversation revolves around the meaning of collective or individual genius and the question of why artists do what they do. They discuss what makes the insignificant human race so significant, they reflect on the effects of human creativity and they debate whether we have reason to fear the future. Read more at www.heartlandfestival.dk


Heartland Podcast: Douglas Coupland & Michael Stipe

November 21, 2017

This episode of Heartland Podcast features artist and writer Douglas Coupland & artist, activist and musician Michael Stipe. 

It is a live talk that took place during Heartland Festival in June 2017 and is about ego. 

Amongst other things the two artists talk about the sociology behind selfies while looking at a series of photos that Michael Stipe took of himself. They also talk about social media, tv-created presidents and reflect on how modern technology can and will be used in the future.

Read more at www.heartlandfestival.dk


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